About This Music

Here are some hymn descants, intonations, interstitials and alternate harmonizations that I've written during the past several years of service playing.  These range from simple, for use anywhere ("Distress") to complex and dissonant, for use only with congregations that can ing anything ("Christe Sanctorum").

There are also a few Anglican chants.

Feel free to modify these to fit your needs.  I do.  Tempo markings on intonations were reminders to myself for a specific use at a specific time.  Feel free to ignore them.

Hopefully, you find these useful.  I'll be adding to these over time, so check back occassionally.



Stuff to Know

Music is engraved using Lilypond.

Here are step by step instructions for the method I use for converting PDF files to EPS.


About Figured Bass in Harmonizations

The figures were originally written simply as a reminder to myself about the harmony, intending to go back later and fill out the voicing with actual notes.  But I never did.  I often use chords not common in the 17th century, so some of the figures may look a little convoluted.  For this reason, when the melody note creates a dissonance with the underlying chord, I usually don't include it in the figures.  That keeps them a little simpler.  But of course, you would need to play this note  It is the melody, after all.


Legal Stuff (You Should Probably Read This)

Hymn Intonations, Harmonizations and Descants by David M. Boothe are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.

Basically, you are free to use these, as you fit, in your own services.  If you print one out (a descant, for example) please attribute it properly.

Send comments, questions or other permission requests to Music at Lakewood Sound dot com, using the standard email address format.


Downloading Music

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